Sunday, April 1, 2012

Today; rishabha vahanam

On Friday, the shutters that safeguard the ther in its 'house' on East Mada Street had been drawn up. But we saw only the bare chariot.

On Saturday, the scene was different. Men began to work on the ther.
A group painted some parts of it to heighten the images at its base.
Others dropped off rough cut blocks of wood which will be used to leverage the giant wheels of the ther as it rumbles down the road.

Later in the evening, a new set of massive coir ropes were off loaded near the ther. These will be used by dozens of bhaktas to pull the ther down the mada veedhis on Tuesday morning.

On Sunday morning, the buzz was back inside the temple as preparations began for the rishabha vahanam  procession which starts later this evening.

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  1. The photos and videos are excellent. Fantastic. Words are not adequate for me to express my appreciation. Old people like me living in different parts of country will certainly enjoy and appreciate such a brilliant efforts by Mylapore Times. Do you propose to update videos of Rishabha vahanam, Theru and Arubathu moover. If so, please let me know the "site" where I should watch them. Many Many Thanks

    Balakrishnan (