Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Closing our Panguni season coverage. Share your feedback.

And now, we at Mylapore Times close our coverage here of the 2017 Panguni festival. It was an intense at our end, despite the rising summer temperature.
But it was worth our effort for we have had followers from around the world.
Thanks is due to our team of Madhan Kumar, Parmeshwaran, Preeti Srivatsan, Bama Ranganathan and a few contributors.

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Music floats all around, as the gods unwind

The gods and their folks are resting. This has been a tough panguni season. And temperatures rose to about 32 degrees.
So it is time for music, and some dance.
The music has been floating all around Sri Kapali Temple. Vocalist Vijay Siva launched the concerts with his trademark recital and the first evening attendance was large; a LED screen positioned alongside the stage, outside the Navaratri mantap relays the images for rasikas who prefer to sit on the ground or around  the lord Murugan sannidhi.
Sunday's concert of Sanjay Subrahamanyan was packed; and in that audience Sanjay's devoted fans who trail him to all his concerts in the city and around ( he has one in Bengaluru on 20th, at the Chowdiah hall).
T M Krishna was on stage on Monday evening; on Sunday evening, he had sung at the Big Tent in Chamarajpet in Bengaluru for the Sri Ramanavami fest season. That concert had some 4000 plus people in the audience. Tuesday's attendance here was big. In the front row, a VIP fan - Gopalkrishna Gandhi.
Bodies sweat, the evening temperature climbs down slowly from the daytime 34 degrees. But rasikas do not want to trade their seats in the mantap - for the concert series features all the top artistes of the day. 
The music-dance fest ends on April 24 with Radhe Jaggi's dance concert.
That is the Panguni tradition.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Pandam Parivizha; the last event of the festival

Today, during the Pandam Parivizha event to be held in the evening, a Thiruvoodal ceremony will be held.

 After the Thirukalyanam, it is believed that a celestial argument takes place between Swami and Ambal. Sundaramurthy Swamigal interferes to solve the problem. The Thiruvoodal ceremony signifies this event. 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A video of Thirukalyanam held today evening

Seen above is a video of the Thirukalyanam ceremony held today evening. Video by Prema Mani, a resident of Bangalore. 

Goddess Karpagambal dancing, a short video

Seen above is a short video of Goddess Karpagambal dancing during the Bikshanadar ceremony. 

The video has been taken by Prema Mani, a resident of Bangalore. 

More than a thousand devotees attend thirukalyanam ceremony today

More than a thousand people attended the celestial wedding of Sri Kapaleeswarar and Goddess Karpagambal today evening. 

Devotees, who had brought different kinds of offerings ranging from pieces of cloth to fruits, flowers and coconuts, watched with rapt attention as the thali was tied around the neck of Goddess Karpagambal. 

Colourful garlands and ornaments were used to adorn both the deities. 

Theerthavari and pancha murthi purappadu held today morning

Seen above are some pictures taken during the pancha murthi purappadu and theerthavari celebrations held today morning.

Pictures have been taken by Prema Mani, a resident of Bangalore. 

Uma Maheswarar darshanam and veedi purappadu tomorrow morning

Tomorrow morning, there will be a veedi purappadu of the deities who will take the form of Uma Maheswarar. 

This is done to enable those who missed the festivities, the sick and disabled, to have a darshan of the deities. 

Thirukalyanam today evening; Flag to be brought down after that

The much awaited Thirukalyanam of Lord Kapaleeshwarar and Goddess Karpagambal will be held today evening.

Thousands are expected to visit the temple in the evening to seek the blessings of the deities. 

The flag will be brought down after the festivities. 

Bhikshadanar ceremony held yesterday evening

Here are some pictures of the Bikshadanar ceremony held yesterday evening. 

A classical dance programme was also held at the 16 kal mandapam, outside the eastern entrance of the temple.