Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Religion. Then cricket.

4.10 pm.

The procession enters  South Mada Street. And this street has a life of its own!
Not just because this is where every hardcore Mylaporean shops for vegetables and prays at Sri Velleswarar Temple . . .this provides hawkers, families and friends to congregate and wander at their own pace.

The food serving pandals are still going strong. The handis with fresh loads of rice and curd keep getting hauled at the counters. Sweating bodies go for cut water melons and butter-milk stalls.

The first of the Nayanmars reach the Mylapore Fund Office doors - it enables families who have just arrived at the fest zone to tarry along.
As the evening wears on, and the sun goes down thousands more will flock to R K Mutt Road and North Mada Streets. Just the time to enjoy the fest at its fullest.

It will also be the time when the Amman from the other side of Kutchery Road, Thiruvalluvar, also a neighbour and the other Gods will come by and join the procession.

Diehard Mylaporeans, having refreshed themselves take up position near the ther to expect this leg of the procession. . . .

It will be well past dusk today when the Lord and his faithful come back to their abode.
Then, cricket crazy fans will either head to Chepauk or sit in front of TV sets to catch the first IPL Season 5 match between Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians.

Expected to play for CSK is a young Mylaporean - Abhinav Mukund.

Religion and cricket . . . . .

<< We will soon post a few video clips of the arabathumoovar procession. Meanwhile, your comments on our daily coverage will help guide us, make us feel good >>

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