Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The ther seems to be moving fast!

8.15 am.
We are still on East Mada Street and it is half empty now.
And we get news that the ther is now rolling to the end of South Mada Street.

Why is the procession moving at such great pace?
Nobody seems to have an answer.

Over the past few years that we have witnessed and covered the Panguni Fest, the ther processsion is grand and slow, allowing people from different areas to gather around it and offer prayers.

The mada veedhis just don't seem to have character, colour and feel that makes a festival like this truly a festival.

A woman keeps singing over the audio system from where a medical emergency camp is based. It isn't musical. We missed the music that could have led the ther.

Two men, their shirts wet with sweat slip down at the medical camp. They are bruised in the arms and feet. "The road is uneven and the ther pullers are running too fast!", they tell us.

A policewoman who has been injured when the wheel of the chariot of Singaravelar ran over her is being treated at the camp. "Please do not burn camphor and keep it on the road, it is dangerous!", says the woman on the public audio system.

Hawkers grab the road side space here to set up shop - baby dresses, plastic flowers, chains and beads, malli-poo . .

Food has just arrived at the Vanniyar Sangam. Volunteers say a local Chettiar family observes a tradition of providing anandhanam to devotees.


  1. Thank you for the live updates. It is like being there and experiencing the festival first hand. :)

  2. I am Ambika from St.Mary's Road. I am currently settled in Muscat. I used to be one in the crowd for adhikara nandi, ther and aruvatti moovar...Felt I would be missing them..But the blog has done a good job of posting the photos..Really appreciate it.