Monday, April 2, 2012

The buzz at 16-pillared mantapam

As day breaks in the summer of April, and the rishabha vahanam reaches the 16-pillared mantapam in Sannidhi Street, the nadeswaram troupe, still at play goes around around the deities.
Many Mylaporeans who have woken up early today to be part of the celebration, come forward, pray and receive prasadam in the mantapam area.
Aarathi is then taken simultaneously for all the three deities.
Neivedayam is offered to the Gods.
The images of the Lord Vinayagar and Chandikeshwar do the pradakshinam and are taken inside the temple.
Lord Muruga follows and then, those of Karpagambal.

The rishabha vahanam procession, especially the final leg is a visual and aural delight to all those who faithfully follow and participate in the panguni vizha here.

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