Monday, April 2, 2012

Rishabha Vahanam - day 2

April 2, 5.15 a.m.

This has been a procession that goes on through the night and into the morning.
When we arrive today to cover the final leg of the rishabha vahanam procession of the Lords, the vahanam of Lord Kapali has reached the 'ther' junction.
Two, big umbrellas are now removed and a symbolic silver umbrella is fixed.
The deity is slowly brought to the 16 pillared mantapam which has been cleaned and decorated for this occasion.

This is followed by images of Karpagambal and Lord Murgan.
Karpagambal is seated on a golden rishabham and Lord Murga on a golden peacock.
The vahanams were allowed to rest in the mantapam and as day breaks, large number of devotees crowd around and come forward to have a glimps of the Gods.
Today being a working day, the crowd is limited though; dominated as it were by senior citizens.
The nadaswaram troupe keeps up the tempo with their songs and the stage is set for a final ritual before the images move into the temple.

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