Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lead-up to the procession . . .

2.45 pm. South Mada Street.
Water has been let into the tank of Sri Kapali Temple and there is a gentle breeze blowing across - it takes the heat off our faces.
Families walk down from all directions - from Dr Ranga Road and Venkateswara Agraharam, from R K Mutt Road, from Luz and beyond.

The queues never end at the stalls here which serve food and drink. The hawkers have set up shop along the tank side; this is the time to pick up kolam design makers, toys, handmade laddoos and the like.

We make a quick dash down the Tank Street and enter the temple from the western side. And we enter festival land.

Neatly lined up here are all the Nayanmars; dressed, decorated and at peace. There are small name boards to tell us who they are. At the far end is a palaquin of a trio - the women who hailed the Lord - Isaignaniyaar, Karaikkal Ammaiyar and Mangayarkkarasiyar.

This is perhaps the simplest yet striking assemblage on an afternoon of the grand arabathu-moovar procession.

Those in the know and veteran of many a Panguni fest here, file past the images here than get squashed in the surging crowded at the eastern temple gate . . .

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