Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Procession of the Nayanmars . . .

3.05 pm.

By the time we make our way to the eastern side, the Lord has moved out, to the sound of bugles, horns and trumpets.
Seated at the 16-pillared mantapam in Sannidhi Square we get a distant glimpse of the rituals being performed here as the increasing crowd surges from all sides.

Inside, sits the elegant Karpagambal, all at peace as listless priests await their turn to move out. That happens quickly. And the crowd inside tries to follow the ther but with little luck as policemen keep them at bay.

We slip through the side gate and can only find space outside the shop selling puja articles on Ponnabala Vadyar Street. This is is a vantage spot to catch a glimpse of the procession of the Nayanmars. Out they come, in quick succession, hailed by the sound of the trumpets.

The fragrance of incense spreads through the air, swathes of devotees file in and slip out and the procession has truly begun now . . .

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