Monday, April 2, 2012

Rishabha Vahanam

April 1

Whole battalion of police has landed at Ponnambala Vathier Street hall meant for police stay.
Scout boys headed by Giridhar were also on duty managing the crowd.
One man supplied water in plastic tumbler for people pushing & pulling behind the control line rope
At 9.45 p.m. all 5 deities decked, took a pradakshinam inside the temple.  At 10.15 p.m. Lord Vinayaka appeared at the gopuravasal mounted on Mushika.
Lord Kapali on Rishabha was seen at the entrance. The special aarathy was taken there itself.  Then the lord took the procession crossing the gopuravasal.
It took nearly 20 minutes to reach the 16 pillar mantap. The same volunteers are to carry and bring karpagamba too. Lord Muruga and Chandikeswara followed.
The crowd rushed in to witnessing Chandikeswara.
In the mean time there were 2 more announcements of missing kids in custody. The police made the child make the call for his mother.
The crowd dispersed slowly after the three deities reached 16 pillar mantap.

- Reported by V. Vasantha

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  1. While i have been a part of this divine festival for over a decade , i have missed it every moment in the last few years as a result of working outside chennai. Thanks a million for sharing these pictures. Let the Goddess and God of Mylapore bless one and all