Friday, April 6, 2012

Thirukalyanam : Photos

 It is a grand Friday at Sri Kapali temple. A large number of people witnessed the Thirukalyanam - the wedding of Lord Kapali with goddess Karpagambal.
Here are a few photos.
Videos will be uploaded on Saturday.

Decorated Entrance of the temple

 People going in and coming out of the temple. Scene in front of the 16 pillar mantapam

Thousands witness the Thirukalyanam 

The Gods on procession after the wedding

Devotees distributing prasadam outside the temple

The procession on south Mada Street with the full moon in the background

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  1. the gods after the wedding and procession on south mada street with the full moon in the background, were those from Velleeswarar Temple and not of Kapali temple.