Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mylapore wakes up for the big fest

Many community groups worked through the night in this neighbourhood. They had a job to do.
When we went home, much after the  IPL Cricket Season launch party at Nandanam YMCA grounds we could see groups of men and boys working under shamianas at street corners.

Annadhanam is an essential part of the grand arabathu-moovar festival that will be held today.
Groups of people pool money and resources and arrange for food and drink to be given free at corners of streets that lead to Sri Kapali Temple.

In the old days, these pandals must have refreshed the groups of devotees who headed to the Temple for the fest. They must have trudged all the way, or made it by bullock carts. Food and drink would have been a welcome refresher and it must have come from local residents.

That tradition continues. Pandals come up even in places like Adyar, Teynampet and Triplicane, once villages on the fringe of Mylapore.

This morning, as the sun went up the pandals began to offer butter milk, water and orange juice.
By noontime, the huge handis were opened and brinji, pulao, sambhar rice and curd rice was given.

Most pandals are run by autorickshaw drivers. They pool money and take turns to serve the drink or food. There were at least a dozen pandals we saw in the Alwarpet - R A Puram area.

People from afar will begin to descend in the temple zone by 1 p.m.
The rituals at the temple will start soon thereafter and the procession of the Nayanmars starts at about 3 pm.

We will post photos and on the spot reports this afternoon.

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