Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Scene on East Mada Street

3.45 pm
The festival has truly begun.
Now, even the small lanes around the temple are packed as people file into the mada veedhis.
Word is going out that the procession has begun. So, many families rush to the East Mada Street end.

From Tank Street, through Ponambala Vadyar Street and Pitchu Pillai Street ( where all the old tiled houses have given way to apartments this past year).

From a spot opposite Lady Sivaswamy Girls School, we take in the oncoming procession. One must admit that the young lads who carry the palaquins, dripping in sweat and red in their faces are efficient at keeping pace and order as they carry the saints.

Lots and lots of women stand behind barricades to offer prayer and watch quietly. Young mothers, kids on their shoulders patiently commentate on the procession. Early days to get introduced to Mylapore biggest festival. . . .

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