Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Disappointed devotees . . . .

We wanted to know - why did the ther just run off on the mada veedhis today?
There was nobody ' official' to provide an answer.

Finally, just before noon we managed to get a line across the temple staff who was perched on the ther which had just taken a turn into West Mada Street ( R K Mutt Road).
"We have had no control on the volunteers, " he said. "They keep pulling the ther though we ask them to stop now and then."

The ther did slow down on R K Mutt Road later in the day. But the pace must have disappointed many, many devotees.

After all, many people time their visit to the processions and they follow old practises. Mylaporeans who have lived in the temple zone are aware of the timings of the processions and plan their visits accordingly.

Many people said that festival management has been lacking this year.

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