Monday, April 2, 2012

Lord Kapali dances to popular numbers

April 2, Monday. It is 5.50 a.m. and the procession is about to enter the temple.
The Lord now gets into the dance mode before He goes back to the temple. The song being played is an English note and a popular folk note, Kundrathile Kumurankku Kondattam.
About 50 people are carrying the vahanam and swaying to the music. From afar, one can witness the dance of the Lord. Once the last song ends, the vahanam enters the temple and goes to the mantapa inside.
Devotees carrying the vahanam keep raisinng the Lord's name as they enter the temple. Many people follow them inside.

As soon as the vahanam reaches the temple, the image is disengaged from the vahanam and taken in a procession around the temple.

Photos of the procession will be uploaded here shortly.
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