Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Soil from P. S. School . . .

A prayer for everything good.
A simple, but standard practice that the community undertakes for all auspicious events like temple fests, weddings and the like was also undertaken by priests at Sri Kapali Temple.
This was on March 27 evening.
Following a procession of lord Chandikeswarar and Astradevar inside the temple, the processionists headed to P. S. High School playground.
Here, they stopped at a marked space and dug up some of the soil and carried the soil back to the temple. The melam kept the beat.
The soil was taken to the temple, watered and navadhaniyam sown here.
The clump of plants will be cared for and pujas done twice a day since their well-being also bodes well for the fest and the community.
The main gurukkal says this is called the angooram puja.
He recalls that even this simple event used to be a grand one – the processionists would be accompanied by rousing music troupes and a large number of devotees.
- Photo and reportage by R. Saravanan

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