Friday, March 30, 2012

Queues form at 16-pillar mantapam. . .

6.40 am.
A queue forms on East Mada Street, outside the showcase of Rasi Silks.
Traffic has been suspended on the mada veedhis to facilitate the procession. 
The queue leads to the vahanam of Lord Vinyaka.

Up at the mantap, the nagaswaram troupe plays on as devotees flock around the adhikara nandi vahanam.
The Lord has been dressed in pink angavastram, with bilva garlands hang all around the Lord and drops from His hands.
On either side, are the vahanams of Lord Muruga and the ambal. While a gandharva playing the veena forms the vahanam for Muruga, a gandharvi with a veena hosts the ambal.

Devotees now offer zari-laced veshtis which the priests use to adorn the nandi and put it away.

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