Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Prayers to the amman, for a great celebration

March 27. 10 am.
Day One of the Panguni Fest at Sri Kapali Temple. The morning was for the Kolavizhi Amman at the temple on G N Chetty Street, Mylapore. This is the grama-devathai.

Staff of Sri Kapali Temple, celebrating the Panguni Fest brought all the items required for the abhishekam of the amman.

More than 100 devotees were at hand to take part. Abhishekams using coconut water, milk, curd and honey and finally, the panchamirtham ( fruits mix) were performed.
The special invitation card for the panguni fest was placed in front of the amman to seek blessings for a smooth celebration.
The podavai ( sari) gifted by the team from Sri Kapali Temple was wrapped around the amman. Deeparadhanai was a long-winded one and after it was performed for the amman it was presented to the devotees.
Prasadam of nei-vedhiyam and pongal was distributed.
Finally, the items used for the archanai and offered to the amman and the prasadam were placed in plates and the staff of the Amman Tenple and the Kapali Temple took it away to be presented to officers and trustees of the Mylapore temple.
The ceremonies started at 11 am and ended at about 12.30 p.m.

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