Friday, March 30, 2012

The procession moves down East Mada Street . .

7.15 am.

To a rousing play by the band and the nagaswaram troupe, the adhikara nandi procession moves to its next stop - on East Mada Street, opposite the Vanniar Mantapam.

In the backdrop, is the bare chariot, the ther of the temple - soon, workers will begin decorating the ther for the big procession on April 3 morning.

The shutters of the garage that houses the 'ther' have been pulled up now.

Five priests seated at the foot of the vahanam take turns to raise the offerings to the Lord.

This is a working day in Chennai - just now about one thousand people are all around the vahanam and on East Mada Street - waiting for their turn to offer prayers.

This morning as we turned into the temple zone, into South Mada Street.

The veedhi was an eyesore - vegetable waste and garbage lay on either side of the street even as the early hawkers opened for business.

There is a need to clean the veedhis at festival time.

It is 7.25 am.

The band plays a quick note and the procession has just moved and come to stay alongside Nadu Street - a street which was home to the late artist-musician S. Rajam.

It is 7.30 am. A whistle blows. The band plays a English tune, the volunteers swing the vahanam as if the Lord likes to enjoy the event, and the vahanam stops outside the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.

It will take a few hours before the procession ends at the temple.

Click here to see more pictures of the procession.

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