Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Sambandar legend; enacted during Adhikara Nandi procession

There is a special stop of the Adhikara Nandi procession, to be held on March 30 morning.
The procession will stop on South Mada Street, opposite Vasantha Bhavan restaurant to recall an ancient legend.
The story goes that the child Thirugnanasambandar was once left to fend for himself and kept crying in hunger. Lord Shiva responded by sending his wife to the spot  - she fed him with milk.
During the procession, the images of the ambal and Sambandar will be lowered and the latter will be symbolically fed with milk by priests. The custom of devotees is to also bring milk and share it with others at this point of the procession.
Watch closely on Friday at about 7am here.
Photo shows the incident painted on the mantap on the southern banks of the tank.

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