Thursday, March 29, 2012

Colourful kolam decorations . . .

There are wonderful paintings on the floor of the temple, executed specially for the festival.
These are the works of Jayanthi Subramaniam.

A resident of Chinmaya Nagar, Jayanthi spent a few days creating the colourful images at different spots around the camps - one in front of kodi maram ( flag post), one alongside the Navaratri mantap, one at the Singaravelar shrine . . .

She and her team sat on the floor and executed these designs which are basically kolam patterns, coloured and with local images.
Jayanthi says she undertakes such assignments for weddings, temple festivals and social events.

When you do visit the temple this week, look for these decorations and take them in.

Jayanthi resides at 108, Godavari Street, Chinmaya Nagar. Call 93646 10445

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  1. Visited the temple yesterday and had the opportunity to look at the paintings in 2 places. Great work. Please continue the good work and most importantly mentor anyone interested. Hard to find people interested in learning these arts.