Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 2: stop at mango grove!

The procession of the gods on the 2nd day of the fest ( March 29 morning) will make a stop at what is now known as Mangollai ( the junction of North Mada and East Mada Streets).
Now, Mangollai has a huge history behind it – it being the key space for public political meetings since the 40s. These meetings continue to this day – that they mess up the traffic movement on the mada veedhis ia another story!
On Thursday morning, the stop at Mangollai enacts an ancient tradition. The Gods stopped at what was once a lovely mango grove; here devotees would make offerings.
The stop is not forgotten though all you have now is a shanty space for the poor and a buzzing tiffin kadai.


  1. Where can I find full schedule of the festival with timings. It will help me planning to be part.