Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The flag goes up . . .

March 28, Wednesday.
In the western yard of Sri Kapali Temple.
Even as the city wakes up to a stuffy morning ( temperatures in the 30s), over 300 people gather around the flag mast for the first big event of the Panguni Fest here.

There is a quiet expectation all around as the priests prepare to hoist the white flag.
And then, at 6.25 am, to the beats of the band, the music of the nagaswaram and the peals of the giant bell, the flag is hoisted.

The music and peals continue as does the band.
The flag is hoisted with a pure white long cloth.
Over the next 10minutes, the priests wind the cloth tightly around the plated mast.

Click here to see more pictures of this event.

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