Saturday, March 24, 2012

Metaphysical meanings of rituals

Every day's ritual has a certain significance that has metaphysical connotations.
Day 1 - The 'Jiva' is relieved from material body and attains subtle form.
Day 2 - The impermanent nature of the world perceived as existing;  god's function of sustenance of the world.
Day 3 - Karmas accquired are to be expiated with suitable understanding of the realities.
Day 4 - The veiling of the Lord from jivas, and allowing them to exhaust the fruits of their deeds
Day 5 - The jiva learns about the true knowledge, through an acharya.
Day 6 - The primordial creation in gross form, and preservation in destruction.
Day 7 Preservation of subtle elements in the deluge. The acharya instructs the jiva on the dissolution of eternal truth.
Day 8 - The veil of illusion is removed, and the jiva acquires all the eight qualities of the lord, except that of creation.
Day 9 - This indicates the ascending order of creation, ending with absolute realisation of Siva principle.
Day 10 - The enjoyment of absolute bliss with Siva. The day of the thirukalyanam.

Information courtesy: Books by K. A. Sabharatnam Sivacharya

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