Friday, March 30, 2012

Celebration of another legend

The procession of Adhikara Nandi made a stop on South Mada Street, midway. It was about 10 am then.
Volunteers from the temple brought up the images of Thirugnanasambandar and that of his father.
The image of the later was taken down to the temple tank, watered, decorated and brought up again.
The spectacle lasted for about 30minutes and many devotees stepped into the tank to watch.
The oduvar sang in front of the Sambandar image, while the archakas walked down to the image of the ambal, got a gold-plated pot of milk and symbolically fed the image of Thirugnanasambandar.
Meanwhile, devotees who had also shared their pots of milk got it offered and blessed and took it back; some distributed it, some took it home.
Celebration of another legend associated with a bhakta of Lord Siva.

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