Friday, March 30, 2012

Adhikara Nandi procession begins . . .

It is 6 am, this Friday morning.
We are in Sannidhi Square, where the 16-pillar mantap stands.

Today is the day of the Adhikara Nandi.
The procession has just come out from the temple. It is led by the image of Lord Vinayaka.
While the Lord who removes our obstacles was wheeled down to the area of the ther, the nandi vahanam stopped at the mantap.

The vahanam sparkles in the first rays of the sun, being silver plated. Workers had given it a final polish yesterday to prepare it for the procession.
Decorated with a rich mix of flowers and jewellery, around the vahanam and the Lord, this was time to allow the early devotees to offer prayers.

As time passed, the flow of devotees has begun to increase. Some break coconuts in front of the image of Lord Vinayaka, offer prayers and move to the 16-pillar mantapam.

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