Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Sun god in procession . .

It was time for Suryavattam this morning.
A time for the procession of Surya bhagavan.

It started at about 8.30 a.m. - Lord Siva seated on a palaquin with the Sun God behind him. At least 40 volunteers carried the palakku through the mada veedhis.

Men belonging to the Kapaleeswarar Veda Parayanam group followed the palakku - reciting the Vedas. There were about 15 men in the group. They accompany all the processions during the festival.

There wasn't much of a crowd for this event though.

The veedhis are yet to get a festive look - though the narikurava community has spread its beads, bangles and chains at all corners.

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  1. why any of the Gurukal's are not putting Vensamaram to the God ... this is important for the service of God ... why the Brahmins in Lord shiva temple din't say any vedas , during procession , also not doing vensamaram servie to God... they just simply sitting and coming with God ... i feel sad on that