Monday, March 25, 2013

The nayanmars in procession on a hot, sticky afternoon

Roads and streets choked in central Mylapore and the neighbourhood prepared to celebrate the colourful arabathumoovar procession.

Food and buttermilk stalls were in business from 11 a.m. sharing food and drink with people around them and those headed to the Sri Kapali Temple.

The fascinating part of the arabathumoovar is in the morning when the nayanmars are prepared for the procession. There is a simple saintliness about this morning session. While hundreds of people flood the temple and go around, the images reflect what the saints were - yogis.

The summer heat made this a sticky morning but it did not discourage hundreds of people from heading for the procession this afternoon.


  1. I too shot a video including the flower throwing contraption- very interesting festival indeed

    Link to pics and video

  2. From Louis Malle's documentary Inde Fantome. Here's Mylapore Ther from the late 1960s (from about 1.00).

  3. Thank you karthik and ammani for sharing the links.