Friday, March 22, 2013

Food, drink pandals

Providing people with refreshers or food during the annual Panguni festival at Sri Kapali Temple is a tradition that must have started in days when devotees from afar walked it to the temple.

This season, the pandals will come up for the grand arabathumoovar celebration, due on March 25 afternoon.

However, small groups have already started their community service.
One such is carried out by the community at Aditya Aswin Apartments on Dr Ranga Road, Mylapore.
More than 500 litres of buttermilk is distributed every morning. "We use pure water, add some spices and share it with whoever asks," says Venkatesh, a volunteer. He says this group has been doing this for 15 years now.

Next week, you may notice pandals located off the tank set up by people who have been serving food over generations.

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