Sunday, March 17, 2013

Prayers to the Amman. Sunday.

Today was special at the small Kolavizhiamman Temple on the other side of Kutchery Road.
This is the grama devathai of what was once ancient Mylapore.
And in keeping with tradition, it was time to pray to the amman before the start of the panguni vizha at Sri Kapali Temple.

It was the music of the tavil played by a lone artiste on this campus that made daily temple goers realise that a ritual was on for the festival at the Big Temple.

On Saturday, priests at Sri Kapali Temple had transported all that was required for the pujas this morning. At about 10.30 a.m. the abishekam began and this was followed by pujas and the deeparadhana.

It was time to ask the Amman to ensure that nothing untoward took place in the neighbourhood during the festival and that the celebrations would be smooth.

This was a short event but significant. The Executive Officer of Sri Kapali Temple participated and returned to the the temple with prasadam.

Tomorrow, Monday at about 9 a.m. the rituals for the flag hoisting will begin.

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