Thursday, March 21, 2013

Charm of mada veedhis disappears . . .

Last evening, March 20 we took a slow walk down the mada veedhis. To look at street life at festival time.
But it did not very exciting.

On the top of South Mada Street, the flower selling women did brisk business. They had more stocks with them.

Hawkers of bags, door mats and plastic toys had cornered space off the pavement on the side of the temple tank - but business was dull.
The vegetable hawkers though were busy as usual, down the road.

East Mada Street seemed lit up a bit more by lights hung from the many man taps specially erected for the pallakku of the gods to stop during the daily processions.

But much of the veedhi space was taken over by narikuravas - hawking beads, chains, rings and stuff. Today, they hawk from mobile carts and lit-displays and make brisk business. But there are so many of them that street life has a sameness that does not excite.

Kids had fun on the side on the merry-go-rounds that made the biggest noise with the clanging bells.
A lone artisan from Pulicat offered very attractive goods made from palm leaves and under the massive canopy in Sannidhi Square, flashy cars dropped off temple visitors.

Life on North Mada Street was what it always is - a hub for shoppers. Redevelopment here is still taking place and the shops are becoming smarter and bigger. And as one 90-year-old Mylaporean moans, the charm of the mada veedhis has disappeared.

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