Monday, April 3, 2017

Punnai Maram Vahanam taken out yesterday night

Yesterday (April 2) night, it was the turn of the Punnai Maram, Karpakavriksham vahanam and the Vengai Maram vahanam to make rounds of the Mada Streets.

An interesting legend surrounds this vahanam. In Kailash, Lord Shiva is advising Goddess Parvati about vibuti and panchakshara when she gets distracted by a peacock grazing nearby. He curses her for the distraction and tells her that she will be born as a peacock on the Earth.

Goddess Parvati then takes the shape of a peacock and worships Lord Shiva under the Punnai Tree, here at Mylapore. While the punnai tree and the Karpagavriksham is associated with the Goddess, the Vengai Maram is associated with Lord Subramaniya. 

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