Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Look out for the Bhoodan, Bhutaki and Tarakasura vahanams

Look out for the Bhoodan and Bhutaki vahanams today evening. Believed to be Bhuta Ganas, these inhabitants of Bhuta Loka have strange figures, some with long teeth while others with big bellies and big faces. 

They will present themselves as companions or attendants of Lord Shiva, representing his side of the alliance. 

It is believed that though these creatures are harmless, they present themselves in that form just to test one's strength and courage. 

Tarakasura vahanam will also make rounds of the four Mada streets today evening. Legends have it that Tarakasura, a demon, attained a boon that he could be defeated only by the son of Lord Shiva. He was eventually killed by Lord Karthikeya, who also kills his brothers Simhamukhan and Soorapadman.  

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