Saturday, March 25, 2017

This is everybody's fest; Mylapore will hold that up

Prodoshams are always big events at Sri Kapali Temple. The entire temple campus and the space outside is packed to the sides and so it was this Saturday evening.
But today also had a special little event – the formal release of the invitation to the temple’s annual Panguni festival, starting April 1.
Copies of the mass-printed schedule were distributed to all the people who attended the prodosham ceremony this evening.
By this time, popular stores were also sharing the Panguni time table; the popular Mami’s Mess which was also packed to the walls as the devotees packed in here to tuck into hot dosas or steaming idlis, gave out color sheets of the Panguni schedule.
In many ways this fest is everybody's; you walk around Mylapore now and you will find many stores and eat outs offering the Panguni time-table.

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