Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Dances alongside processions, rituals; be there!

Music and dance follows from the Panguni festival's religious schedule.
And some of the best artistes are featured in the vidaiyarti schedule that starts on April 13 evening.
Now, Chennai-based Prayathnam, a body which has formatted the teaching and learning of Bharatanatyam, has curated a set of short dance recitals which will be performed at the start or end of key rituals/processions in the Sannithi Street zone - inside the 16-pillared mantap or close to it or even inside the temple if some space is free.
Nritya Upacharaam feathers five recitals, some as early as 6 a.m. and some late at night.
Here is the schedule -
Apr   4 - Disciples of Gayathri Sasidaran - (Adhikara nandi day, just before the procession begins - about 5 am )
Apr   7 -  Disciples of Saikripa Prasanna - ( at the return of the Rishaba Vahanam nught-long procession  - about 5.30 am)
Apr   8 - Disciples of Ranganayaki Jayaraman as the Ther returns to the temple zone after the evening-long pro0cession - about 6 pm )
Apr 10 -  Senthil Kumar and Anand ( Bikshadanar day - 5.45 pm)
Apr 11 -  Disciples of Archana Mahesh (Tirukkalyanam - 9.30 pm )

This part of the Panguni initiative is supported by Mylapore Times newspaper ( and, a web site for music and dance.

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