Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Seer, nagaswaram and blessings . . .

The blessings of grama devatha of Mylapore town, namely the Kolavizhi Amman, are invoked before the start of the grand Panguni Peruvuizha of Lord Kapaleeswara Temple every year.

Today at 11.30 a.m. the ‘seer’ from Kapali Temple arrived at Kolavizhi Amman Temple. The seer contained, one Red, Brown & Yellow checked saree with blouse piece, manjal, kumkum, fruits, flowers, garlands, coconuts and neivedyam of swwet pongal prepared by devotees. 

These were taken out in a procession round the temple and then into the sanctum.  (The nagaswaram played “Bhavamulona” song during parikrama)

The Jt Commissioner of Kapali Temple came by 11.45.  

The abhishekam started with devotees singing special songs on Kolavizhi Amman.  The main deity was decked with the checked saree and the garland.  The utsava murthis of Kolvizhi Amman/ Badrakali Amman also were decked with red sarees brought from Kapali Temple. (While abhisekam was going on for utsava murthis the Nagaswaram played ‘Devi Neeya Thunai’ in Keeravani). 

After the main harathi, the prasadams in form of flowers, fruits, coconuts and manjal/kungumam were brought in a big tray. (The hagaswaram played Bhagyada Laksmi Baramma).   

At around 12.40, this was handed over to the officer from Kapali Temple - Kaveri in the presence of the Uthsava Murthi of Badrakali Amman as a gesture of having bestowed the blessings to start the 10 days’ Panguni Festival with ‘Kodiyetram’ tomorrow (26.3.15)

- Report and photo by V Vasantha

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