Friday, March 27, 2015

Gas lights, flower decor and a Kerala log . . .

Lots of people get involved in the Panguni fest - and their stories lie in the background. They though are not looking for the stories to be told and shared.

Take G. Babu the gas light supplier from Ponnambala Vadyar Street, alongside the temple. He has been supplying gas lights for all processions for close to two decades. He still does - that practice of having gas lights light up the gods continues though fewer lights are used.

S, Baskar, sells flowers and puja stuff also in this zone. For many years he and his team create the flower decked space for the gods to reside in while watching the kodiyetram.

This year a new thandu was donated by well-wishers via a supplier in Kerala. This is made from the side root-trunk of banyan tree. The photo here shows volunteers holding it up.

- Photos and report by R. Saravanan

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