Monday, March 10, 2014

The majestic procession . . .

The mada veedhis now wear a different look. With some license for imagination, you may say that this area, the east zone of Sri Kapali Temple looks more like a temple festival area in the rural area.

The hawkers have colored the veedhi sides; temporary man taps on all the veedhis where the gods are rested look colorful and even daily shoppers are sharing time at the rituals and processions, thus enlarging the participation.

So when the adikara nandi procession started in a shower of prayer and chants on Sunday morning, early and in that slight nip in the air the celebration was at its height.

There is a certain majestic look to this procession and it was evident this Sunday. As the gods were carried slowly down East Mada Street, waves of devotees crowded around the Nandi, some lingering on the Lord and the alankaram around Him.

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