Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Community spirit and volunteering . . .

This morning, March 11 as the Lord was about to be taken out in the Savudal Vahanam, we spotted lots of people refreshing themselves near the 16-pillared mantap in Sannidhi Square.

The staff at the popular shop, Giri Trading Agency which is world famous for its books, articles and music for the Hindu religious were offering drinking water.

They said that water was offered free to all devotees every morning of the Panguni festival. "We noticed that many seniors are here for the festival and since the sun is up, they need some refreshment so we volunteered this," said a staff.

Likewise, there are dozens of bhaktas who do their little bit ; offering lime juice or buttermilk, prasadam or medical aid. Each in a way they can.

The best of community spirit.

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